• Size – 19 AcresCalfheath- NEW
  • Species – Bream, Carp, Roach, Perch, Tench
  • Depths 6ft – 14ft
  • Bottom – Gravel/Sand, Some Silt
  • Weed – Margins Only

Calf Heath is a mature picturesque reservoir which was constructed in the 1700′s, it’s around 19 acres in size and possibly the jewel in the Blackfords crown. There are 80 well constructed pegs providing a secure platform from which to fish. The reservoir is well known for its huge stocks of quality Bream backed up with a good head of Roach with some Tench and Perch. Carp stocks are also considerable with around a 1,000 fish in the low double range rising up to 20lb. Calf Heath is also a great match venue with events running each month, with regular weights of 50-60lb+ of silver fish being produced. If you’re simply looking to put a bend in rod then Calf Heath will take some beating. The reservoir can be located from the A5 on the west side of Cannock near J12 of the M6 – Gailey Island.

Safety Notice – Restricted No Fishing Area

This fishery is affected by – Overhead power lines.  These are located adjacent to and along the A5 roadway bank. Fishing from this bank (Dam Wall) is not allowed. 

No assembled rods / lines are to be carried along this bank, and, baiting up is not allowed from this bank between and around the ‘No Fishing Notice Points’ (See Club rule 15).