• Size – 19 Acres
  • Stock – 1000 Approx Mainly Commons
  • 30 Simmo’s Stocked 2008
  • Average size – 7lb – 12lb, upto 24lb
  • Depths 6ft – 14ft
  • Bottom – Gravel/Sand, Some Silt
  • Weed – Margins Only

Calf Heath Reservoir is a mature lake constructed around 1964 to help maintain water levels in the Staffs and Worcester canal. The reservoir is 19 acres in size and has 80 well constructed and maintained pegs. Please note fishing along the dam wall is prohibited.
Depths within the lake vary considerably ranging from 18 inches in the shallow reed area to the left of the boathouse, to between 12 and 14 feet along the dam wall. The bottom of the lake is of sand and gravel construction with one or two areas of silt found in the far bay. There is very little weed and only the sailing clubs marker buoys present a snag threat.
It is well stocked with carp averaging around the 7-12 lb mark and good numbers of fish in the low double bracket. These are predominantly common carp with a sprinkling of mirrors, some of which are of the Simmons strain. There are one or two upper doubles to be found which at the right time of year may just tip 20lb, there is also a stunning linear that will be somewhere in the low 20′s.
All methods will catch, and at all ranges, with boillies being the main bait, if your specifically targeting carp it’s wise to avoid pellets as these may attract other species. Ignore the margins at your peril during first and last light as many fish can be found feeding close in around the reed lines. Look for the tail patterns and backs out of the water, there is always a chance of some of the better fish. During the warmer months and on very sunny days large shoals of carp can be found cruising the surface, with this in mind surface fishing with dog biscuits or bread can also be very productive.
With the lake bed being devoid of any real features, beds of bait become the feature for holding the fish in your swim. Spodding particle and boillies out over a tight area and then fishing bottom or zig rigs over it, can prove to be a devastating method, for those of you who have not tried Spodding over Zig rigs…give it a go…on this venue results have to be seen to be believed!