13 Aug 2021

Calfheath Now Open

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You will all be very glad to hear that after a worrying few weeks, we can reopen Calfheath Reservoir for angling.

CEFAS has carried out various tests to understand the cause of the sudden carp deaths and have been able to rule out both KHV and carp Edema which are 2 of the main diseases that effect carp. As a result we are now able to reopen Calfheath with immediate effect, however I must stress the importance of protecting our fishery from potential diseases moving forward, this means all members must dry their nets 100% before using them on any Blackfords water as this is the only way to be sure of eliminating the risk of spreading disease!

We would really appreciate your support in making sure your nets are dry before you arrive at any Blackfords water, this is a rule but also essential to protect our fishery and others.

CEFAS will continue to carry out further tests to try and understand the cause of the deaths and let us know in due course.

Whilst the issue was serious, the amount of deaths shouldn’t impact the carp fishing at Calfheath given the stock present.

We appreciate your understanding and patience with the matter.

Best regards


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