20 Apr 2022

Calf Heath Match Result (16/04/22)

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Twenty Anglers turned out for the latest Calf Heath match and with more settled weather expectations were somewhat higher than in previous weeks. The match certainly lived up to expectations as far as run away victor Mark Greening was concerned, catching from the first whistle at peg 55 he put together a cracking 56lb 4oz which left him 27lb in front of his nearest rival. The method feeder fished at 50m did the damage.

Second spot went to Dave Ridgeway from peg 56, opting to fish a small cage feeder at 25m he put together a lovely mixed bag for 29lb 4oz.

Completing the frame was feeder veteran Kevin Tipton from peg 78 on the tins, a somewhat tough section on the day however  Kevin managed to put together a creditable 18lb.

Section Winners..

Chris Brown     17lb 8oz   (peg 54)

Steve Davies    8lb 5oz    (peg 49)

John Burns       15lb 12oz  (peg 62)

Ron Nicholls     10lb 13oz  (peg 80)




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