07 Jun 2020

Calf Heath Match Result 06/06/20

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First match back post lock down on a very Blustery Calf Heath turned out to be a tight affair. Father and son duo Nev Bailey Snr and jnr went head to head on the somewhat more sheltered tins area. It was fish for fish all they way to the whistle. At the weigh in it turned out that young Nev had under estimated the size of his Bream and he had just shy of 45lb in his net so under the match rules he was given 40lb.Although the old man did the same to a lesser extent by being a pound over he did have a couple of fish in his second net taking him to 47lb 14oz and a match win. Unfortunately young Nevs slip turned out to cost him 2nd place as Brian Nicholls the last angler to be weighed on peg 48 had an impressive net of fish caught on the cage feeder and he just took 2nd with 41lb 2oz.

Result .

1st. Nev Bailey snr       47lb 14oz   (peg 78)

2nd Brian Nicholls        41lb 2oz     (peg 48)

3rd Nev Bailey jnr        40lb            (peg 79)

Section winners were….

Mark Greening             23lb 4oz     (peg 80)

Brian Ashley                 10lb 1oz     (peg 61)

Dennis Kneller              32lb 6oz    (peg 54).

Dave Shaw                   22lb 10oz  (peg 50)

Next match on Kingswood 13/06/20 hope to see you all there, contact Bob Harris to book in.





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