05 Apr 2022

Calf Heath Match Result 02/04/22

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The action at Calf Heath continues to be on the slow slide, this is  not helped by the changeable weather conditions. Top spot on the day with a hard earned 11lb 15oz went to Pete Jones. Drawn on peg 66 in the bay he opted to fish at distance and play the waiting game and the result was three bites and 3 good Bream landed.

Second place went to Dave Nicholls from peg 52 with 9lb 7oz comprising of one good Bream and plenty of silvers. Opting for the cage fished at 40 yards he alternated between maggot and pinkie hook baits.

Completing the frame from peg 76 on the tins was Paul Bucknall, alternating between the cage feeder and method feeder he managed to put a mixed bag together for 9lb 2oz.

Section Winners..

Dave Ridgeway     3lb 13oz   (peg 49)

Mick Tonks            5lb 3oz     (peg 56)

John Burns            7lb 15oz   (peg 63)

Chris Brown           8lb 90z     (peg 79)



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