30 Oct 2020

Boom Boom

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Yes, those cormorants are returning to cause damage to fish stocks thoughout the country. At Calf Heath reservoir we have seen what they can do, so we have a licence which allows us to to cull a small number each year during the winter. As we’re not able to be on site all the time, we have installed two gas powered bird scarers which automatically turn on at dawn and are programmed to fire at various intervals during daylight hours. Warning signs are displayed at the three entrances onto the water, so be sure to take notice or spare underpants may be needed. Scarecrows and clappers are also used to deter the birds presence. We do get the odd moan or two from the general public but they can always find other places to take a walk as our fish need protection to provide you with sport when you come fishing.

Stay safe


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