29 Apr 2014

Blog April 2014

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The start of a new season is upon us. Welcome to all members old and new, I hope you have a great season. With the weather now beginning to pick up I’m sure there will be plenty of fish on the bank in the coming weeks and months ahead. I little reminder that you can now get your new tickets from the usual tackle outlets in the area, details of which can be found on the society website.

 The price of the tickets has gone up this year. This decision was not taken lightly but with costs of leases, insurances and legal costs have all gone up, it was necessary to have a small increase. The cost of our tickets has not gone up since 2008. Broken down the cost of a ticket is less than 50p a week, and for which you can fish one of 4 pools, 7 days a week and 365 days a year! That sounds just about the best value for money fishing you will find anywhere in the country. Such is the quality of our waters some of the match anglers travel down from the Manchester area!! Next time you go to a commercial water, think about the day ticket costs and then ask yourself ‘Is Blackfords PAS ticket that expensive?’

It has been a very busy winter period for the club officials. There has been changes to the bailiff team, there has been a re shuffle of the night syndicate to now be run by a small management group, and considerable work behind the scenes to secure the leases of our waters which safe guard our waters for many years to come. It is quite incredible really the amount of red tape, and hoops the club has to jump through, just so we can all go fishing. Insurances, public liabilities and the like are an absolute nightmare. Our chairman John Burns, along with the management group have spent many hours discussing these very issues, but John in particular must be thanked hole heartedly by us all for his tireless efforts in dealing with all the legalities, letter writing, email correspondence, which have been necessary for the society to continue to grow and prosper.


The AGM held in March, whilst poorly attended was very successful. The club continues to prosper, with more cards now being available to service customer demand. Various issues were raised and dealt with in a democratic way. New rules were agreed and implemented with immediate effect.

 Pleaseread the rules on your new cards.

Work around the pools has been frantically going on, some more obvious than others, with some urgent work still to be done.

The Turf pool has seen a great deal of work. All the pegs have now been relayed with Dennis and John re defining the pegs and then with several work parties, the road stone has been distributed about the pegs and along the pathways to sure up the ground. With all the rain we have had over the winter period, without this work I feel the lake would have had to be closed. A new bridge over the outlet pipes to the back of the pool has been built and is now much safer for the heavy loads we all now carry. More obvious is the work done to the island trees. It has been long felt that the overhang of trees has been causing anglers some serious problems and judging by the number of leads, leaders and rigs found in the trees as we have cut them back, the problem has been a considerable one. Whilst I enjoyed the top up of leads to the tackle box, it strikes me that the welfare of our fish was being put at some risk, and so the decision was taken to cut them back. It looks a little brutal at the moment but our expert tree surgeon Pete assures me it will soon grow back. We plan to sow some wild seed on the island which should provide some additional grasses and flowers hopefully adding to the natural surroundings.

Whilst we are talking about the Turf pool, may I remind all anglers of their obligation to read and understand all the club rules? Some of the rules are specific to individual lakes whilst others are just general rules for all pools. On the smaller pools it is imperative that anglers fish from numbered and specified pegs only. There are 17 pegs on the turf. Only 1 angler and a maximum of 2 rods per peg is allowed. Please show your fellow anglers the utmost of respect and keep your casting to your own water. We all go fishing for a little piece and quiet and to enjoy our natural surroundings so please keep noise down to a respectable level. Blackfords welcome all members and their families to our waters but we would please remind members that not everyone will be happy for there to be all and sundry on the bank!! Plus our insurances cover our members only!!!!

Further work for the Turf is in the pipeline and this may in turn mean that the lake has to be closed for short periods. This is unfortunate but a necessary evil so please keep an eye on the notice boards for details regarding these closures.

Moving on to Kingswood Lake now. We are currently dealing with the serious problem of bank erosion in front of pegs 9 and 10. This first occurred when we had the last heavy rain/floods, in conjunction with the heavy winds the water lapping the bank has caused it to collapse. If it was left we have no doubt that this bank would have been closed to anglers and the public alike. The council have agreed to supply us with some stone/rock, and we will be hiring some heavy tackle over the next few weeks to backfill the bank which should sure up the bank and foot path to safe guard the fishing along that stretch. This area may be closed off to anglers for a few days so please be patient.

The new carp that were stocked in November last year have been seriously packing on the weight. Recent catches show good growth rates, some have put on 1 1 /2lb in only 6 months. Stunning fish they are as well. With all of the carp stocked now showing real signs of good growth rates, the future of the carp fishing on kingswood looks very promising. Just maybe we could get a new 30lb fish. Fingers crossed!!

Over the last few years cormorant activity has been a real concern at Calf Heath Reservoir. However with the introduction of Mark ‘The Rocket Man’ Colby on the bank, along with the help of Andy from the Cottage, there has been fewer birds on the lake than normal. Mark and Andy have been setting a few fireworks off in the hope that this would scare the cormorants off, and to great effect. We hope that this will allow the spawned fish chance to grow and survive to naturally increase the fish stocks. One or two anglers have been spotted several inches above their boxes when being caught unawares but im sure you will agree it is well worth it for more fish coming through!! Thank you Mark and Andy for your efforts.

Please keep your pictures and reports coming in to Gary, our ‘Web officer’, this will only enhance the website and keep it current. All genres of angling are encouraged to report their catches. It would be nice to see a few new faces on the galleries, so get fishing and get those picture in. I will endeavour to report more on the fish catches around the lakes over the coming months.

Finally, thank you to everyone who has helped with work parties over the winter, your time and efforts are very welcome, and gratefully received.

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