08 Dec 2021

Blackfords Winter league Latest Standings.

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Here are the standings for the Winter League at the half way point.

Shane Hodgkinson & Pete Jones  4 points.

Dave Nicholls, Bob Harris, John Rafferty  5 points.

Paul Bucknall, Brian Nicholls, Gary Johnson  7 points.

Chris Brown & Ian Davies 8 points.

Nev Bailey Snr, Dennis Kneller, Mark Greening  9 points.

Nev Bailey Jnr, Steve Davies, John Seagrave, Steve McQueen  10 points.

Tony Jeffery, Brian Ashley, Mick Keane, Ron Nicholls   12 points

Wayne Harrison, Grant Harrison, Dave Buller, Steve Roberts, Clive Wheeldon, Dave Shaw  13points.

Barry Wilcox  14 points.

Dave Ridgeway & Henry   15 points….



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