11 May 2020

Blackfords Re-Opening Wednesday 13th May

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You will be glad to hear that as from Wednesday 13th May Blackfords fishery will be reopening in accordance to the latest Covid19 advice issued by the government and recommendations made by the Angling Trust. Prior to fishing you must obtain a valid/signed membership for the current season, in my previous post I have detailed where/how to purchase membership cards, please do not turn up expecting to purchase tickets on the bank we will not be offering this service.

As a fellow angler its fantastic news that we are able to reopen amidst all of the recent chaos caused by Covid19, I must stress, that this privilege is completely conditional based on all of us playing our part to keep ourselves and our fellow anglers safe!!! This means all of us must adhere to strict guidance when fishing any Blackfords lake! The consequences of us failing to do our part could increase the spread of infection and lead to a second spike with more unnecessary deaths, subsequently if we do see another spike the government will re-enforce previous lock down measures resulting in further closures…a scenario nobody wants!!!

Please see below a set of measures all anglers must adhere to when fishing at Blackfords fishery…

Covid19 SafetyWe would very much appreciate each and every member playing their part in keeping everyone safe and to allow us the continued enjoyment of our sport, our bailiff teams will be present around our lakes to help ensure were all respecting the guidance outlined above. We will continue to asses the situation around the lakes over the coming days/weeks to ensure the safety of our members and if further measures need to be put in place we will be quick to take action an update our communications.

Its also worth mentioning that the council are present at Kingswood lake to re-build the wooden walk way, these works will take about a month to complete so there will be no access to the far side pegs during this time.

The re-opening of our club has been a small mercy for many of us following a very challenging few months, its the responsibility of all members to ensure we stay open, please adhere to the rules, stay safe and enjoy some long awaited time on the banks!!!

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