13 Jan 2021

Blackfords Memberships Online Only From April 2021

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For the coming 2021/22 season we are making some significant changes to the way you purchase your Blackfords memberships, from next season you will only be able to purchase memberships online via the club website. Implementing these changes has many benefits for the both the club and the member, mainly around convenience and efficiency but in light of the current Covid outbreak it also offers a safer way for people to access memberships…

So, what will change from 1st May 2021??

Memberships Options – You will be asked to select from 4 different options…

•Adult 1 rod (16 to 65)

•Adult 2 rod (16 to 65)

•Senior 1 rod (66 and over)

•Senior 2 rod (66 and over)

Personal Information Required – Additional information will be compulsory, this will help us effectively manage/bailiff our fishery and communicate with our members, you will need to supply…

• Name, address, postcode, telephone number (no Change)

• Email address – ‘YOU MUST’ supply a current/live email so we can communicate with you, you will receive confirmation of your membership via email, you will also require a gate code to gain entry via combination locks at Kingswood & the Turf, these codes will change for security reasons and we will email you updates when they do. It will be your responsibility to update your email address via your online account so we can communicate with you!

• Photo – You will need to upload a clear passport photo so bailiffs can identify you, once uploaded this cannot be amended until the following season.

Turf Pool & Kingswood Gate Access – As mentioned above the pad locks will be replaced with combination locks, this allows us to change the codes frequently for security and only allows access to those with valid memberships. Please make sure you supply a current email address and check for updates so you can gain access.

Membership – Once you have registered online and created a Blackfords account & successfully purchased a membership you will receive a confirmation email. Its always good practice to print this off and keep it with you, however most of you will have smart phones and will be able to access their membership details via their email or your online account whilst at home or on the bank fishing. At any point you can log into your Blackfords account and amend/update your personal details.

Bailiffing– With all members now loaded into our data base our bailiff team will ask you for you name, via an app or the online system they will be able to access your digital photo ID Blackfords membership. In addition, they will be able to input additional information such as ADHOC note or rule breaking which then logs into our system and is visible to the bailiff/management team. You will still be required to have proof of membership yourself, this can be via your confirmation email (paper or online) or simple access to your online account via your smart phone.

This new system will be in effect soon, so please check the website for further details, you will be able to purchase memberships from April 2021.

We are giving everyone advanced visibility of the changes so that they can make provisions required to purchase memberships, if anyone has difficulty in purchasing online or doesn’t have an email account I would advise they speak to a friend or family member for support, failing that please contact a member of the management team.

I hope everyone understands these changes are being made for the benefit of the club and the efficiencies that online purchasing brings.

Many Thanks


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