Calf Heath Match 18/09/21

Pegs 4 to 14 inclusive and pegs 36 to 82 inclusive will be unavailable at Calf Heath until the completion of Saturdays match(18/09/21). Regards….. read more →

Kingswood Match Result 11/09/21

Nineteen Anglers turned out for the latest Kingswood match and it was Match Secretary Bob “plastic” Harris who showed the field the way with 10 Bream for 31lb 11oz from peg 47. Bob opted to fish the method feeder and pellet at 50m and took his first fish on the half hour mark then its was.. read more →

Kingswood Match 11/09/21

The following pegs will be unavailable until the completion of Saturdays match at Kingswood (11/09/21) Pegs 1 to 23 inclusive Pegs 35 to 54 inclusive. Regards……. read more →

Calf Heath Match (04/09/21)

Pegs 4 to 14 inclusive and pegs 36 to 82 inclusive will be unavailable on Calf Heath (04/09/20) until the completion of the match and weigh in. Regards…….. read more →

Scary month

What a month August proved to be with the problem at Calf heath reservoir. We lost quite a few carp and although there were plenty of bar room experts telling all and sundry what the cause was, the real experts CEFAS could not find the cause but did find what it wasn’t. KHV and Carp.. read more →

31 Aug 2021
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Please Avoid Death Rigs!! Do Not Use!!

One of our bailiffs recently retrieved a dead fish from one of our lakes and on closer inspection it still had a rig and an fixed method feeder attached to the fish! Due to the way the rig has been set up, commonly known as a ‘death rig’ (for good reason!!!) this fish has unfortunately.. read more →

30 Aug 2021
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Calf Heath Match Result 21/08/21

Twenty Anglers turned out at a rainy Calf Heath but spirits were certainly not dampened as the “Silvers” duly obliged. On the day it was like winding the clock back as the point produced the top three weights. Winner on the day and certainly benefiting from a mid week trip to the Reservoir was Nev Bailey.. read more →

Calf Heath Match 21/08/21

Pegs 4  to 14  and  pegs  38 to 82 inclusive, will be unavailable to pleasure Anglers on Sat 21/08/21 until completion of the match and subsequent weigh in.   Regards….. read more →

Kingswood Match Result 14/08/21

Twenty one Anglers turned out for Saturdays Kingswood encounter and it was Certainly a tale of two banks as the Car park bank produced more than three times the combined weight than was caught in the rushes. Taking a leading role on the day was Steve “Hollywood” McQueen and he certainly didn’t fluff his lines on.. read more →

Calfheath Now Open

You will all be very glad to hear that after a worrying few weeks, we can reopen Calfheath Reservoir for angling. CEFAS has carried out various tests to understand the cause of the sudden carp deaths and have been able to rule out both KHV and carp Edema which are 2 of the main diseases.. read more →

13 Aug 2021
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