09 Sep 2018

A Sad Day for Blackfords

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Murphy3Unfortunately on Saturday 8th September we very sadly lost one of the key and longstanding members of the Blackfords team,,,Murphy!!!

After many, many years of patrolling the banks at Blackfords Murphy sadly succumb to his ripe old age of 17 years!

I think I’m fairly safe to say that most anglers at some point will of crossed paths with our head bailiff and chief sausage tester around our lakes, I also know that many fish have been caught over the years on the back Murphy’s bait sampling and seal of approval services!

<Just want to give our condolences and share a thought for Tom & family, as Murphy has been a great little companion to him over the years and will be surely missed.

Blackfords wont quite be the same without our little friend roaming around,,,,,

Rest in peace little man!


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