26 Jul 2017

29lb 8oz – Leacroft Common Carl Burgess!!

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29lb 8oz 'Baby Common' - leacroft July 2017 - Carl BurgessFirstly we need to say a massive congratulations to our Reggae singing, mix master DJ that is Carl Burgess…or as most people know him Carl from Cannock Angling!!!

Carl recently caught this awesome looking Leacroft common at 29lb 8oz and after a little debate & closer inspection looks like its the ‘baby common’ up in weight from its last capture back in February @ 27lb 8oz…great news for the fishery!!!

Having spoke to Carl, he tells me that hes been baiting the lake quite heavily recently so its hardly surprising to see the fish piling on the weight! Carl caught the fish in the early hours of the morning, fishing very simple methods, using a snowman rig, at close range, over a bed of scopex squid boilies….which are by the way available at Cannock angling if you wish to give them a go;-)

29lb 8oz 'baby common' Leacroft July 2017 - Carl BurgessAs many of you will be aware we have several large commons present at Leacroft, with the two biggest being ‘the big common’ & ‘the baby common’, for those who are lucky enough to catch either, its very hard to identify which is which, so I just thought I’d share the following picture to help people ID the fish for future reference…

If you view the right flank on both fish you will see there is a small scale on both of fish. the baby common has a small scale around 7 scales back from it gill, the big common has a small scale just over half way down its flank, you will see on the images below…(baby left, big right).

Both are stunning commons and hopefully if Carl keeps feeding them it wont be long until we have several 30lb+ fish at Leacroft!

Finally, a massive well done to Carl….and for anyone that doesn’t know him or Cannock Angling, please visit his shop, hes a great guy and always willing to help lour local anglers!

Baby Common Small Scale

Big Common Small Scale

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